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Anschrift: Benecke & Rehse -
das Wertpapierantiquariat
der Aktien-Gesellschaft für
Historische Wertpapiere

Salzbergstraße 2
38302 Wolfenbüttel
T: +49 (0)5331 / 9755 33
F: +49 (0)5331 / 9755 55


Jörg Benecke
Michael Weingarten

Court of Registry:

HRB 7913

Webdesign and

Günter Hagedorn

freestyle computer
Alsterdorfer Markt 6
D-22297 Hamburg
T: +49 (0)40 - 555 20 65

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In accessing this page, you accept the following conditions:

All contents on this website are protected by copyright. Texts and illustrations may only be reprinted, reproduced or copied for public or commercial purposes with the written permission of Benecke & Rehse and with attribution.

Links on this website are only permitted if they are refer to the online service from Benecke & Rehse in a manner recognisable to the user. All information on this website has been prepared with the greatest care; however, Benecke & Rehse assumes no responsibility for the completeness, topicality or accuracy of the information provided.

Disclaimer of Liability and Links
With direct or references links to other internet pages lying outside the responsibility of Benecke & Rehse, Benecke & Rehse is only liable if it is aware of the content and if it was technically possible and reasonable to prevent the use of illegal content.

Benecke & Rehse also therefore expressly states that, as far as it was aware at the time the link was established, the pages to which it is linked contained no illegal content. Further, it has no influence whatsoever on the current and future design, content or copyright of the linked pages. Benecke & Rehse therefore expressly distances itself from all content of all linked pages altered after the link was established. This applies to all links that were established in Benecke & Rehse's own internet presence and for all cross references.

The provider of the site to which the link leads assumes no liability for illegal, erroneous or incomplete content or, in particular, for injury resulting from the use or non-use of such content. No liability is assumed for the link referring solely to the respective publication.
Further, Benecke & Rehse assumes no liability in its services, especially when downloading the data provided by Benecke & Rehse onto internet sites, for minor breaches of duty, provided these breaches of duty affect no contractual obligations, harm to human life, health or the human body or claims under the Products Liability Law. This applies equally to breaches of duty by agents of Benecke & Rehse.

This exemption from liability is part of the internet presence of Benecke & Rehse and applies to its entire internet presence. Should individual parts or formulations of this text not, no longer or not completely conform to applicable law, the validity of the remaining parts and formulations will remain unaffected.

Vereinigte Zünder- und Kabelwerke AG
Vereinigte Zünder- und Kabelwerke AG

AG für Tiefbohr- und bergbauliche Unternehmungen
AG für Tiefbohr- und bergbauliche Unternehmungen

Vereinigte Eisenbahnbau- und Betriebs-Gesellschaft
Vereinigte Eisenbahnbau- und Betriebs-Gesellschaft

Württembergische Lebensversicherung AG
Württembergische Lebensversicherung AG

Casino im Frankfurter Hof
Casino im Frankfurter Hof inc. inc.

Bau- und Wirtschafts AG Bausparkasse Mainz
Bau- und Wirtschafts AG Bausparkasse Mainz

Bausparkasse Mainz AG
Bausparkasse Mainz AG

Krupp Stahl AG
Krupp Stahl AG

Biochemische Industrie AG
Biochemische Industrie AG


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AG Thonwerke Kandern
AG Thonwerke Kandern

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